Fang Fatigue

I have to say first off that I love vampires. Since I was five years old I have loved the idea of these creatures. It is only recently after taking a trip to Barnes & Noble that I realized how many vampire books are really out there. I had until this trip been working on a book which has vampires in it. That all changed the other day when I looked at the Y/A section of Barnes & Noble.

Is there a point with all the vampire books, movies, and other media where people will get tired of the fangs, the coffins and everything that goes with the creatures of the night. I hope not, some recent comments on-line has me thinking that. I feel the point is nearing where some people may say enough. No more vampires.

My love of vampire grew from the first time I saw Dracula with Bela Lugosi. Every year after that I wanted to be a vampire for Halloween. Some of my family know of this love and have given me the name Lestat, in homage to Anne Rice’s vampire. The name Lestat is one that I have asked my family to stop using as well as some friends.

Is there a fang fatigue brewing, or will the love of the undead continue.


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One Response to Fang Fatigue

  1. L. says:

    During times when vampires have been either in vogue or not, there has always been vampire fiction. The vampire represents the perfect blend of horror and romance. It’s an evergreen archetype that will always be around. I don’t think we can expect to see the same mass market interest in them continue. It’ll eventually shrink down when something new comes along, but there will always be a readership.

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