I took on this journey of being a writer and getting published a few months ago. I have since finished the rough draft and have moved onto the rewrites. I have had people tell me I should be a writer since I was little. I was always making up stories or telling ones that I already heard from somewhere else. The first time I remember writing a story was in seventh or eighth grade. Something silly about a detective who needed to solve a crime. I was supposed to write using spelling words from the weekly vocabulary, however I got so into the story and writing I forgot to use the words. I got and A on the paper, even though I did not use the words.

I’m sure it sounds dorky or simple, but that was the first time I remember writing a story that someone read. I did others that no one ever read, I have no idea what happened to them now. Today with all the revising/rewrites I have done on my current ms I found out recently that I had no idea what writing was about nor did I think my writing was horrible the first time I wrote it. Having to listen to people berate your work is one of the hardest things to suffer through as a writer. I thought my writing should be published as they were initially, I have since learned that I was not as good as I thought I was. I have learned a lot from friends, family(my cousin is already published) and other writers.

Every little bit of rewrites I have done and all the punishement my work has taken is worth everything in order to see the day it is published.


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