Vampires and me

For anyone that has read a vampire book knows what their life can be like. Whether, they are named Cullen, or Lestat or Dracula. Most people can relate to a vampire in some way. Some women or teenagers can relate to Bella from “Twilight” or Edward. The case of Bella is the one of the teen moving to a town where she barely knows anyone. Edward is the dominant, although shy vampire. Much like Louis in “The Vampire Chronicles”. They both have issues with their immortality and they also have moral issues with feeding on humans. Edward is more direct, while Louis to begin with hates feeding on humans and prefers to eat rats and other animals(there were no deer mentioned that I can remember in “Interview with the Vampire”).

The two characters have some traits that are alike, Edward’s maker is a dominant type much like Lestat. Lestat wants everything his way and will do anything to get it. That was the reason for him making Claudia a vampire. It kept Louis with him to watch and nurture her through her childhood and beyond.

My MC is a lot like Louis/Edward with brief glimpses of Lestat and his rage. I am enjoying this very much and will continue on telling my thoughts about the different varieties of vampires.

Till the Dawn,


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