The night

clouds and the darkAs it comes I feel the blackness envelop me. The heartbeat fills me the hunger is overpowering. I feel the tremble as I nip. I taste then pull away. Should I rush it or wait. Would it be best to let it take me and not the other way. Thirst, I feel it for now I am the hunter. I have captured it, held and at last I feel the pulse quicken. I hear it in my ears as I press farther in. The ivory scraped the skin. The new blood calls me. I feel them puncture the new wound. Grasping for the journey into her soul.

Holding on I see her. The brown of her hair, the chocolate of her eyes. And all at once I pull with all my might as the crimson rushes into my mouth. The night is coming to her soul. I can feel her pulse begin to slow. The beat has started it decline as I taste the last drop and lay her back down. Her bed now covered in crimson, I  brought her into the night.

Till the dawn,


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