Blackened eyes

Seeing the robin as he falls, the chase the chasm of it all. A founding grace, a spiral bound. This blackness spins me around. The coil pulls the viper strikes. The gravity pulls me tight. Love and laughter in the dark. Are we seeing it? Is it here? The dark holds us close, never letting go.

Power, amused, unafraid. They pull off the their masks and watch us stare. I see the blackness of their eyes. I can watch there determined glare. First the glare pulls you in, grasping at your soul. Feel it tug the chord of life, pull on its thread. Second, the ivory you will see. The piercing pain, the gasp of drawing you down. Feel the needle as it punches through.

The mass of thousands will arrive. The blackness in their eyes. The pull of thoughts you will never have as one grabs and pulls you down.

Till the dawn,


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