A changed writer

Writing as much as possible without getting fried. I have begun transferring the first person narrative to third person with awesome results. I found what the story was missing, a narrative that flows so much better with third person. Posting on different writing forums has brought me into what I wanted out of writing, to learn.

I have gained so much just by having things critiqued and critiquing others work that I feel I am starting to see thing better in my writing and the voice that I knew was in there is finally coming through. I feel as though things are turning around in my writing and that for the first time I know the direction and know my characters the way they know themselves.

Till the dawn,


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2 Responses to A changed writer

  1. uninvoked says:

    Critique is invaluable. You’re lucky to have learned this so early in your career.

    • V.M. says:

      I have been writing since I was eight or nine. Although, until recently realized how invaluable having my work critiqued is. Changing to third person narrative has given my what I knew was missing from my ms. However, changing from first person to third is a pain, especially since I have completed the first draft in first person narrative. The changes have given the ms what it needed, a concise and steady voice.

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