The flow

As I begin to transfer my story(vampires) from first person to third person I am feeling closer to my MC and not farther away, which is not what I thought would happen. This new situation is hard to do. I feel the MS coming together in a way that I had not expected it to do. The third person gives me more of a chance to look at the scenery with my own eyes as the narrator, and not be so focused on what my MC was seeing.

This has totally felt like a turning point in my writing and I know that I will have my new draft ready by March, although it will have a feel of which has begun to surprise me. The loss of first person narration does not truly feel like a loss as I thought it would. I am totally engorged in the writing process and must return to it.

Until the dawn,


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One Response to The flow

  1. uninvoked says:

    That’s always a nice feeling. 🙂

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