Changing me

Since the task has come to me of changing from first person narrative to third person I wish I would have listened to everyone that told me it was really missing something, but they could not put their finger on it. Well I have put my fingers on it and have begun to rewrite my manuscript after the RD has been finished in third person. This is major pain, I saw the story in first person from the beginning and only recently started listening to those who told me to try it in another narrative.

I never would have thought the narrative made this big of a difference to my writing as well as the work in general. I am very new at really writing, although my grammar is improving daily with help from Purdue writing lab which has begun to help me with my grammar as well as a few books that other writers have suggested. I hope my learning to write and my online diary helps others with their grammar and helps them to learn more about the creature known as the vampire.

Until the dawn,


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