The risk

Sometimes you need to risk everything. Throw away things that meant something to you to go for what means the most to you. Ignore the critics that tell you that you are no good or will only end up being a ditch digger. I have listened to these critics my entire life. Today and the rest of my life is for me. I choose to be who I want, not some person that people want me to be. I choose to be this writer, husband and father, that I can be not that some peg in hole that I should fit into and conform to someone else.I choose to write for myself and not something the world feels I should write. These are my dreams and they will come to fruition.

With this there comes risks, I take them and understand what they mean to me. This is the first day, I choose to begin now, not because of religion or any ideology. For myself and my family, I choose myself over anything else. Welcome to the new. Enjoy the ride.

Until the dawn,


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