Never before have I ever written an outline for a story. It is always just throwing things together and see how it comes out. That has not worked. Lately I find myself writing down outline notes while I am at my day job or when I am out with my family. I found it more useful when getting down to the writing than I thought it would.

I started by writing a rough outline of the story and main plot points. This being my first manuscript I thought I should write straight through until the end. Well I found out that certain pieces decided to pop up when writing the first draft. This was unexpected, although a nice change from the way I was writing. When I first began I had an idea of what I wanted to write, I  actually had three or four stories in my head. One that I really liked, although I could not find a voice that fit. After much debating I took the one where I could understand the characters better and the setting that I knew better.

I have been writing the current story steady for the last six months. I finished the rough draft the end of November, I have been doing revisions/rewrites since then. It has been a terrible time to write lately, lot of personal issues. However, that has changed and I found my time to write. I stopped writing at work( I was transcribing what I had written at work onto my PC, which was taking away from my nightly writing time. I chose to read on my lunch and before and after work. That way I was getting really useful writing time rather than spending it transcribing.

The biggest change in my story had been the narrative change. First to third person narrative. I have since finishing the rough draft tossed the opening chapter. It did not fit as well as it once did with the changing voice in the. I thought it would be a detriment to the story and it became something better than it was before. The outline helped with this. I know where plot points are supposed to go and what is supposed to happen. Sometimes that does not always work. Sometimes the story just takes me. The first time I tried to fight adding stuff while using the outline, that changed. If I need to just write I will. This was one of my biggest mistakes when writing.

Until the dawn,


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