I have to use the word frozen, not stuck, not writers block. Right now I am not so much stuck as the story seems frozen. Does not help I have just not been in the mood to touch the keys. Not sure why, I need to get the book finished, I know this. The one thing holding me back…patience. My patience has worn thin, I am trying to edit as I write instead of writing then going back after. I am also not sure where the story is going, even with my notes and outline, it has taken a different turn since I the rough draft, in third person I see things better and it has changed the story so much that I see things I did not see before.

The way the story was before almost does not fit into the way it is now. I have tried to rework the book. I keep coming back to where I am and the third person. Translating first to third person narrative has not been a direct translation of the original material, that has frustrated. I know I need to finish. Everything around me from my wife asking if I wrote today, to everyone else asking about the book, has become a detriment, the more they ask the less I write. Might have to shut it down when asked about the book. “It’s a work in progress, and it is when it gets done.” I feel like Mike in Swingers, when everyone back home asks if he got the acting job. All I can say is look at where John Favreau is now, he directed Iron Man. So now that is my response, “it is a work in progress.” Wanted it done with it by the end of April, not sure if that is going to happen, need a laptop so I can work on it at the day job. Here’s to hoping I get one soon. Subject matter has not changed, still vampires, still in Las Vegas. That is all I can say.

Until the dawn,


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