Decisions are the hardest part about writing for me. At any one time I have three or four stories in my head. Choosing one of them is the hardest. As I continue writing my manuscript I have had stories that take me away from the subject matter of the novel. I have been told this is normal and follow your heart. One of the stories is about an old man(I know weird) another is one that I have been trying to get right for a long time, but the voice does not come through very well.  I also have one that is more Robert Jordan, Tolkien or Steven Erikson. Erikson is a fabulous writer, and very imaginative. If you have not read anything of his and like fantasy/science fiction I suggest you pick one of his books up. I have outlines for my current work and the fantasy book, the fantasy book is very elaborate in its detail of each race, the same way that my manuscript is with the vampires in my world.

How does any writer really, truly know that they are doing the correct book. Do you feel it in your heart, head or any where else? For me I have loved vampires since I was four or five. I remember the first time I read a book about vampires, it was a small book about bats and how they drink blood and it referenced that is where some of the modern mythology for vampires comes from. Bram Stoker took that mythology and the story of Vlad Tepes and created Count Dracula. Using other things in the process Stoker has used the Christian religion as a basis for some of the things that caused Dracula pain.

I sometimes get a head of myself, forgive me. Having just re-read Dracula, Stoker and his world were not so different from the times in which he lived. The vampires of my story exist today, they are every where you look. At night they may be your neighbor who you never see leaving the house or a vagrant that lives in your town, you know the one that only seems to come out at night. The vampire mythology is rich and I believe will never be exhausted of its fruits. The story of a creature that lives for eternity is one that rests in us. It is something that as we grow closer to as death gets closer in the mirror. As we age and as things become convoluted and mixed up we find ourselves drawn to things which we cannot understand. The current vampire craze speaks to that. I began the writing of my novel before I heard of “Twilight”. I had heard of Laurell K. Hamilton and her heroine Anita Blake. My wife has read a few of her books, I have not. It is something on my to do list. I have exhausted my brain for today.

Until the dawn,


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