Deafening Silence

Writing has become a disease with no cure, even when I have no thoughts it is still there asking for me to write, begging me to put some words down. At least that was until I started the second draft. I finished the first chapter rewrite and am now stuck, not writers block(I don’t believe in it). Changing the narrative is part of the problem, although it has made the story better.

I feel the roar of silence in my head for my manuscript and it frustating, nothing comes out. I just want to write what everyone thinks I should write. I have stories about non-vampires, although I never thought of myself as a writer of those types of stories.

I never thought of writing literary fiction I have stories in my head that would fit into that category. I absolutely hate switching stories when I have finished a first draft. Until today I thought of taking what I have and just rewriting the first draft as is in first person narrative and to hell with third person narrative. I have one story that came to me as I finished reading “The Old Man and the Sea”. The story is one that I truly fell in love with as I seem to do every other month with my story ideas. This is what I am writing until the silence  fades.

I truly hate switching stories(I know I said that already), that I have finished a first draft is even more irritating. Sometimes we do things that make no sense until later, and it is only then we realize why we did them. For now the deafening silence of my current novel has become too much for me to deal with. I know that some people who read my blog will not understand (neither do I), but this is what I must do to get better at the craft.

I thought I was writing about vampires because I love them, it was only yesterday that I realized I was writing to appease people who knew me and knew my fascination with them. Today is a new day and I begin to write for myself once again.

I know that I can write about vampires, that is not the question, can I write about other things and make it sound as though I know what I am talking about? Can I as Dexter Morgan says “have it all” we shall see. I love my vampires and the world that I have created for them, after struggling with the second chapter they will be resting quietly in their crypts.

Waiting for the sunrise,


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