New freedom

Waking up this morning had a new flavor or feel to it. Not sure whether it was because I am finally feeling like my cold is going away, or if it is because I am writing what I want to write. When I started the vampire story I only saw a man watching another man with a woman in casino. That is what started it, I saw the first man as a Dexter sort of character. I never saw him as a vampire until a few people told me I should try a vampire story. I thought sure I know a lot about vampires(more than is normal). And you should write what you know, so I gave it a shot and it came together well. The class I took at Gotham Writer’s Workshop told me that they liked it (strangers I didn’t know liked it…Yay). So I thought I had a winner, after the class I kept writing it, although another story that I did for an assignment in the class kept coming back, well the critiques from the teacher kept coming back.

The teacher thought it was a good sad story, I will not bore you with the story details. It was not a vampire story it was more of a Y/A Literary mix. The point is I realized that if I did stories that were not vampire stories they got better critiques than ones about vampires. Nothing against the class I took, some of them liked the vampire story others looked at it as a lot of people look at vampire stories now. The more I wrote about non-vampire stories the better my writing was. So with that I will be placing my vampire novel on the shelf until a later time as I feel it needs  looked at again.

For the time being I am taking a break from writing it, as much as  I love the story and the characters I feel it would be best for my writing if I did something else to get better at the craft. I know some who read this are disappointed, I need to do what suits my writing and what makes me better as a writer. It is always a process, and the process continues with another story in another place.

This is not an end, only a beginning of what may come. Come along with me on the ride. I know you want to see what I can do, I know you are curious as my wife is about what rattles around in my head at night. Step inside and enjoy the ride.


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