Writing has become my therapist, escape or vacation from reality. The same way a book takes me away, writing does the same. Sure sometimes it feels like work. There are the times when you grasp the concept of the story while in the middle of writing, the throws of the fingers punching the keys or the pencil striking the page; everything just hits you whether you like it or not. This new story has been with me for a long time, at least 3 years. I am not sure when it started getting really involved in my writing the earlier project, I do know that I feel more like myself when I am writing it.

Some may not like my abandoning my old story and the vampires of the other story, this feels more like me, more about what I want to write and not what anyone thinks I shouldwrite. I am keeping this one close to my chest. Only me and my editor(wife) will be reading it. Enjoy the ride.

Until the moons rise,


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