Turning the page

With a new project comes a better understanding of where my strengths are(visual, detail and character development) and where my problems lie(grammar, telling and not showing, aTwo blue moons over a winter fieldnd conveying emotion). I understand myself better as a writer and what I need to get the job done. I understand why I stopped and got frustrated with the last story(especially since every story I have done is third and the last project was in first) and why I struggled so much with the changing face of the story.

The new project is something very different for me. I will not give any details other than I have thought about it for a few years, and finally have what I want to write, not what someone thinks I should write. This will take a lot longer than the previous project, so bear with me and don’t ask how the story is coming (that is just frustrating to me as writer), I will let you know when it is nearing a finish. I hate to say it but I may be in Vegas longer because of this story, although writing what I want is a major plus. I will be in my corner writing and not giving details about what I am writing, only a select few will know what is going on the page.

Unfortunately, I will be posting on my blog every few days and will be keeping a record of how many words I have done for the day. This may delay the book somewhat but getting my feelings about the project for people to see is something that I feel I need to do. I am looking forward to future posts about the new project; simply because I can, and I like to throw things out every once in a while about my writing.

More to the point, the past project is shelved, the vampires are residing soundly stuffed in their electronic crypts; until I find a time to dig them out and put parts of that story into another. Or do away with them altogether. As I said before this one is staying close to my chest and if you see any of it feel blessed, for not many will.

Until the moons rise,


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