Coming along…

Beginning the new project has seen me writing a lot and not as frantic as before. Everything, including my writing feels more controlled and planned out. I can feel the story better; I am not sure if it is that I can feel it better or that I know it from my notes and outlines and it has just been coming out smoother. That I finished a novel last year, even though I am sure that story will never see the light of day was a milestone for me as a writer. I feel more confident about what I am writing and the prose feels and looks better.

As to the story my wife says it has an “Ethereal” feel to it, something that she was not expecting considering everything I have ever written is nothing like the current project. This feels more like me, it has a sense to it and a breath or voice that takes me into the story and not to somewhere else; not wondering if I should be writing something other than the story. The last story began to feel that way after I started the rewrites, it being a vampire story may have something to do with it. I love the characters I created with that story and will keep them in that place in my heart reserved for characters that just seem to die away into blackness, locked inside a computer never to see daylight again.

The new story however, is fresh and every note or outline I made while I was doing the last project has now seen the light of day. The pain of shelving the old project is replaced by a feeling of joy that I am not sure I have felt in a long time as a writer. I cannot give anything about the story away or show anything until it is finished, this means that no one will see it except my wife. My reason for this is two-fold: The first is that when I was writing the last story and let people read it I seemed to lose interest in it. It seemed that I had written what everyone thought I should write. And since I had gotten it out-of-the-way early in my life as a writer, I should write what I want. Second, that I enjoy the story so much that I don’t want what happened to the last to happen to this one.

I will say about the new project, some will not like regardless of who they are, others may truly understand me better with this one. The vampires are gone, but I am still here writing what I want and enjoying every word.


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One Response to Coming along…

  1. paula stewart says:

    Brian, Since I am your mother there have been many times when I am not very objective, you are my son, I gave birth to you!! I think everything you do is wonderful!!! But I also know that you are a very talented writer, you have always had an”imagination” and it has helped you grow. I completely believe that anything a person wants he or she can achieve. You have to have the confidence in yourself. Don’t ever let the naysayers bring you down, You have been one of the greatest gifts from “god” to me.
    My son, I love you more than life itself> Go forward with the gift you have been given!!!, MOM

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