Showing and not telling…

This is something that I had a lot of problems with in the last project. Not sure whether it was because of the subject matter or something else. I am seeing the story better through the narrator’s eyes and not my own as I am writing. I know that has made a difference in not only the focus of the work but the prose and the story. I am seeing the story more as a cohesive element and not everything running around in my mind at once. Every piece I have written feels better and the dialogue is a lot better, something I will touch on in future post.

I can feel the characters better, whether the frigid wind had brought them to a halt and ice on their fingers seems to have made their hands numb or the suddenness of death. The pulling of the story has seemed to take me to a place I have not traveled as a struggling writer and it is somewhere that I have longed to be. Knowing what your character is thinking, feeling, smelling and even the way their wicked breakfast tastes.

I feel this story, I can feel the wind blowing through one of my characters hair as she runs through a field of golden wheat, and the momentary lapse as she sees a small glimmer of metal on the hill above that seems to panic her. I am having the most fun in my writing right now. Not sure if I have ever felt this joy, even when I completed the last MS, I don’t remember it feeling this way.

The rise of my characters as they awake to the new day and feel the warmth of the new day wrap them. That is the way I am feeling. Totally wrapped in the story, completely involved in it, if I do not say hi when I see you that would be the reason. I am consumed by the fire in brain, and it is the writing on the page that can satisfy it, nothing more.


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2 Responses to Showing and not telling…

  1. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    You have an absolutely beautiful way with words!!!
    Lindsey Petersen

  2. B says:

    Thank you, been trying to get better and the development of my writing.

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