The unknown

The blackness and cold rain seems to pour out of me when I least expect it to. Filling the void that something else has moved from within my soul. Feeling a bit nauseous. The rising tide and the tumbling down of the prose and the grasping at straws has finally come to a final stand. Seeing the white and gray of the monolith as it stands at the precipice of my mind. The gathering storm feels the roaring fire pull me under.  The ocean’s currents falling upon me taking my breath, pulling my legs and tearing at my clothes. A phantom misery is what the cold wind brings. Laughter screams and the midnight bell yells across the rotten perch.

A falling cliff, a terrible dream, seeing the gathered rain, its keeper a small bucket in the middle of the storm, feeling the grasp of the wind it carries out. A surge of storm and rain, I finally fall upon the gate, feeling the mighty gold and pain of the sunshine upon my face. Rising to the height of a man I feel the rage and storm subside, a new sun, a new day. I see the passing light upon a clearing. A prism’s rainbow flies across the room, I see her face, I am in the room. She stands and watches my strides. The fate of my life and all my hate gone away.

I am peaceful once more, I turn to my wife as I open my eyes, it was another dream of some far off place I have never been, I could see it clearly, the skies twinkling, the waters caress. I kiss her and tell her goodnight. I close my eyes ready for another ride.

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