One of those days!

Have you ever had one of those days where someone says something or something happens that calls into question everything you think you know about yourself. What type of writer you are, what type of person you are, what your spiritual beliefs are.

Yesterday, I received a letter that called everything that I think I am into question. I have been terribly upset by this letter. More than I thought I would, the words in the letter, the way everything was phrased had a sting and a bite that I have not felt since I was teenager. I understand what the person who wrote the letter was saying, and yes I have acted like a child at times and I know that there are things that I have screwed up on. I also believe with my spiritual beliefs I begun to fix these things.

I have grown up a lot in the last two or three years, a lot of that has to do with becoming a father twice and almost losing my wife and child with the second birth. My writing has become my therapy, a way to treat myself without a counselor of Psychiatrist. I have had moments of pain, times where I have been critiqued and the words have stung.

I thought I was this gifted writer before I actually began to really write. I found out I was sloppy my grammar was horrible among other things. That these words came to me from someone who I believed loved me is what makes it worse. I continue to write and make things different, changing the way I write, taking classes to improve and read books on grammar and how to construct a better story.

My writing has grown as has my soul. I post this with the thought that when things happen in our lives we can let them hurt us or make us upset or we can move forward to a place that we have never been before.

I have finished the rough draft outline for the story. I have also started to get the words on the page and not just in my journals.

Come along and enjoy the ride…


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