out of the air

Tonight began as any other. I sat down to write my novel and began to put my fingers to the keys, placing on after another. It was then I looked up and saw the time, I had been writing for thirty minutes without a sound from anything else in the room. I had my music going through my ears, it is Chopin, I seldom can write anything unless I am listening to a score of instrumental music.

I thought this night would hold promise to my writing and I was not let down by creativity. The flow or zone is one that I love and the feeling of being in it can  only be compared to the first taste of chocolate as a kid. That blissful feeling of finding something that makes you feel so good and still keeps you going through everything.

Finding the time flying by I thought about this page and the rest of the book with more thought than I had put into it in quite a while. My mind is awake with creativity and the pouring out of my soul on the page. I am back those that make me feel most like me. These tattered souls, the creature of the night. They are my comfort and the thing that makes me feel most alive. These vampires seemed to invite me every night with their kiss. I became enraptured by their hold on my soul and they are the only thing I can feel when I am writing. It is their warm breath upon my face. Their crystal like eyes staring at me through the blue in mine. I see them as I have never seen anything that I have written. They are my comfort and the thing that my writing tells about me. These creatures are my love and the guardians of my soul. They ask to be heard every night. Tonight they seemed to scream from within. I heard them and there are new words on the page. Tonight I felt them as I have not in months.

Until the dawn,

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One Response to out of the air

  1. michellezinkbooks says:

    These are the times when I understand the hold writing has on me. They are magical.


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