Vampire stories, what are they saying?

From the sexual to commenting on societies fears. Vampire stories have always had a power that would drag me in. Whether it was the first time I saw Bela Lugosi descend the staircase in Dracula or when I saw Eli in Let the Right One In protecting Oskar. The latter of those two is the best vampire movie in the last ten years. If you see LTROI, please get the version I linked. The UK version has the better subtitles.

Movies have sometimes played the vampire as a creature. The original Nosferatu with Max Schreck is one of the best depictions of the creature type of vampire. There is also the regal style or Victorian vampire. Played famously by Bela Lugosi. You have the teen vampires which can range to the straight horror type, Lost Boys or the comedic Buffy the vampire slayer. Buffy was much better as television show than a film. There are also the teen vampires with issues. This type is the kind that Edward plays in Twilight.

The themes and twists among the plots of vampire novels as well as movies can range from the weird “Teeth”. To the religiousDracula 2000, in this vampire movie a twist that I thought was wonderful. Judas Iscariot is Dracula, the reasons for his problems with silver(payment for betraying Jesus) were a great change to the myth and one that I loved. The changes to the vampire myth are ever evolving. Things change with every myth, Twilight has proven that a vampire can walk in the sunlight. They just has to stay out of it for other reasons.

Ultimately the vampire movies and novels are commenting on society and what we fear. The fear of death is one of the greatest humans have. Why not create something that cannot die. Another part of our love and fear of vampires is they hold something that to some is ghastly or disgusting. The act of consuming blood is barbaric to some. To others in the vampire underground it is merely a way to express themselves. I know some of these people. Yes they do drink blood, and yes they do get tested for diseases before they consume someones blood. It would ludicrous to do otherwise. They do not consider themselves vampires they only like what the myth and stories show them. I will try to think of more for a post later in the week. My manuscript takes precedence, so if I do not post anything by Friday I hope the faithful will understand.

Until the dawn,

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One Response to Vampire stories, what are they saying?

  1. Ryan says:

    I don’t think it is so much a fear of death as disrespecting the dead and failing to perform proper burial rights. These legends spawned in very much the same way as other legends, by people seeing what they could not understand, so they attempted to explain it in a way that was plausible to them. People see what could be hair growth on a dead body, but it can be explained by a the recession of the skin.

    Vampire stories are deep rooted in culture, but in the modern world they are spun to entertain and not so much to actually frighten people. But it is very interesting to see how many cultures in the world all have similar tales of vampires, for example:

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