What do you fear?

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear.”
H.P. Lovecraft

Fear is the thing that can bring someone to purchase a book, watch a movie or even play a video game. The unknown is a driving force for some. The not knowing, the man standing in the shadows. Is he really changing into a werewolf or is it the light playing tricks on your eyes. Whether people like scary movies, books or video games.

With movies it is a visual scare at the right time orchestrated with the right sound mixing and/or music. In a video game it carries some of the same elements as the movie. Plotting the story and executing it are two different things. There have been excellent horror games(Silent Hill) and not so good(Fear 2). Of course everyone is different and some may have thought Silent Hill boring. The running around the streets, going into buildings and searching for things may have been repetitious. For me and my wife, I would turn the game on, she would get some popcorn and turn the lights off and watch me play.

When it comes to books there are different kinds of books for different fears. There is the demonic  –The Exorcist, the things that go bump in the night –Hell House and the creature type –Frankenstein, I am Legend, Pet Semetary and Darker than you think. All of these books are wonderful. Darker than you think is a werewolf book. Anyone that wishes to write anything with werewolves I highly recommend this book. I know that this is a short list and does not cover as many as could be covered. Here is a better list from the Horror Writer’s Association. I am waiting for someone to write a horror novel that has clowns, something more in depth than IT by Stephen King.

Fear is what can drive us to succeed. If our parents never attended college, the fear that we may never attend college could make us try harder. If we consider our parents failures as parents we might be inclined to try harder with our own kids. Fear can also drive us to failure. Telling yourself  to put off talking to your boss about that new position, the fear of rejection. Having a child, spouse or parent possibly die is a fear that I have dealt with in the last 8 months. There are many fears from different regions of the world. In some parts Africa the fear that HIV is caused by a witch is prevalent. I did not cover every fear in this post as that would be almost impossible. I apologize for not including everything.

After thinking about this, think what would a vampire fear? What type of creature would a vampire be afraid of? I am not talking about another vampire, or the illusion that a werewolf is stronger than a vampire. I have often found it crazy that a creature that is mostly human, other than the curse bestowed upon it, could be stronger than a creature that is not human.

Ask yourself this question. What type of creature would a vampire fear? That is what I am writing about. This is the essence of my novel.

Until the dawn,

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