What scares a vampire?

The title of this post says it all. What would scare a vampire? Or for that matter a large group of vampires. A vampire lives to feed and must feed to live. If there is another creature that must do the same. What would a race do to ensure that they survive? What if the two races were linked through genetic mutation or magic. Two races linked through a break in the chain of a genetic code. Much like humans and chimpanzees. One group goes one way as the master of its species(Humans) the other limited to being observed in zoos and jungles.

What if this happened to vampires and another race that branched off from them. A different race, with small subtle differences. One of them the leader the other a follower. That is what my novel is about. It incorporates these elements into its self. There are other parts than mentioned here. There is much more to it than this small description. This is but the sum of the whole.

Until the dawn,

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