Fallen vampires

There comes a time when vampires have fallen out of grace with the rest of vampire culture. Whether it be with the leader of the clan/coven/counsel. This will happen either with the vampire doing something that is against vampire laws, or doing something that could threaten the myth. For every coven there is a master, and there is a master behind every coven, and on down the line to the source of all vampires. In different movies/books/television these masters follow rules set before them by their makers and a Counsel of Elders. These elders choose and make the laws that the vampire must follow. The laws are too numerous now to list, I will do that at some other time. The most important law: Never divulge yourself to a human, never give them the chance to bring down all that vampires created through thousands of years.

The vampire who breaks this law is given two options. 1) they can turn themselves over a counsel of to a magistrate(a vampire who hunts rogue vampires) or they can choose to live as a rogue or nameless. Their names would be stricken from the records and all stories relating to that vampire would never be told again under punishment of death.

There will always be those that choose to break the rules, that is why there are rules. A vampire did something that would cause harm to the culture or to the society in general, these are the reasons for such things. Once a rogue has left, regardless of their age, a magistrate will hunt them. There are tales of vampires that have never tasted the fire of magistrates blade.

I know these things because my maker knows these things.

Come with me into the neon light and stay until the end,

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