They walk around the world. Small imperfections in their skin. Little dents and divots from when touched by the sun. The ashen are not quite outcasts. Although, their features remind us what we could become. The sunlight is death, we know this from day one. Do not go near sunlight. There are those that by no fault of their own have been touched by the sun. They have streaks of skin that looks as though it may flake off at any moment. There are also those that wear the badge of the Ashen as a testament to time. Most, but not all of them all older. Much older than I am in my 5ooth year, so they are usually millennium or older.

I see them at meetings, some of them wear veils to cover their faces. Some are horribly disfigured. The sun had touched their skin for too long and it was unrepairable. Drinking within an hour will cure the effect of the sun, though most of them  tortured by humans that did not know what they were. I have seen what the sun does to the body of my kind and it is horrible.

Come into the neon light and stay until the end,

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