Making the turn

While writing this week I hit a milestone. In the first draft I was only able to squeak out about 35 thousand words. So far on this the third(and hopefully final)draft I am close to 20 thousand and have not even hit the larger parts of the story. I feel like I made a turn in the story. I have found what was missing, Omniscient-third person narrative. And what was not, the voice and the story. After finally having this break through I began to understand the story better and what I was trying to do, say with the story.

The first draft felt very rushed, they usually do anyways. This feels like the characters are speaking directly through me. The last two drafts felt like I was a bystander in the crowd as everything happened. This feels like I am the caretaker of the story, cutting things here and there, eliminating inconsistencies in the plot and taking the characters to places they had not been in previous drafts. Changing narration from first to omniscient-third person was the best thing I could have done to fix the story. I liked the way first person felt, like a connection to the MC, third feels like I have a connection to every character in the story. Their little voices coming out in the words I type, their small hand gestures or the way the walk, talk has changed for the better.

I understand the world I created a lot better than I did two years ago when I first had the story idea. I just hate that it took two years for me to understand it. Small differences to the story, things that I removed or added for better flow of the story. I am nearing the parts of the story that are my favorite, and hopefully they will be your too(once published). When I reach 40 thousand  I will give another post like this.

Come into the neon light and stay until the end,

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