Grabbing the bull

This week has been one of my best writing weeks in a long time. I finally broke the 25k barrier, that took some good writing and more creativity than I thought I had. Looking forward, the meat and potatoes of the book,will be  coming up soon, as well as some of the things that I am trying that will be new to the story. Going from first-person to third-person has changed the story so much it would be unrecognizable to those that have read earlier drafts.

Big players will be coming out for the next few chapters, as well as major plot line developments. I am taking a beating staying up as late as I have been for the last three weeks, but to see the story coming along as well as it has, its been totally worth it.  I have put the suggestions and advice from other authors to good use.

Come with me into the neon light and stay until the end,


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