Seeing in the dark.

Coming into writing this book has taken many trials(parents, kids and life). I have lost a few friends on the way, I have also made a bunch of friends. The dark and the rain that once clouded my judgment are now gone. I am taking time to write what I believe. I know I have said that before. This time is different. I sit here staring at the screen, the little bugs popping up on the screen while I press my fingers into the keys.

There are things that have happened that I have since given up on, people just don’t change. For the present, my wife and kids are most important to me. No one else, some people understand why I am that way, others will not and never will. Bringing my writing out of the trash bin and into the faces of readers is something that I am hoping for. The book has taken many turns as have I. I continue to read on a daily basis, I wish I had more time to read. Between staying up late writing and attending to my duties as a father(playing with my son and making my daughter laugh) and duties as a husband(bringing home a paycheck and staying healthy) I barely have time for much else. I live on coffee and caffeine, I am told that most writers are that way with caffeine.

I know there is a light at the end, I am only a quarter of the way through the third draft, I am judging that by the number of words of most novels(95k) and that I have reached 25k. I know that is not much, it is a lot better than the 35k I had for the rough draft and the 40k I had for the second. Most rough drafts from what I have read are just the basis for the story. Who is doing what and why they are doing it. Other characters, plot lines and the narrative voice are things that almost always change. I have gone from first person single vision narrative to third person, the third person narrative in the current Work In Progress or WiP for those that do not know the lingo. Believe me it took me a while to learn it as well. The third person is almost looking from an omniscient narrative voice. I am working hard to finish this, I write-through my lunch hour, other than when I eat my food. I write for 2-3 hours after my wife and kids go to bed.

Finding what I wanted to write about was not the problem, finding the story was. Living in Las Vegas I knew the story is set here. What better place for a vampire than a 24-hour city. The saying goes, New York is the city that never sleeps. Las Vegas is the city that never closes. If you want something at any time day or night in this town you can find it. From Sushi to Barbecue. There are more elements of the story than I have posted on my blog. Some I cannot divulge until sold and printed. The book is not totally about vampires, just like any book there is more to it. I book about vampires, that only has vampires would be boring, there was more.  I understood this, and have changed things to accommodate this as well.

I have also changed who I let read what I have written. Before I wanted criticism or to know that I could write. That was important to me. Although, I did find that the more people I told the less interested I became in the story. That is why I stopped writing it and began working on another project. I did not understand this until I began to write the current WiP. Now I understand and have made changes to what I say concerning the story. I still want to know that I am a good writer, it is not as important as finishing the story to me anymore. Currently because of these restrictions I am only letting my wife read the story, she has been my editor from day one for all of my work. She has helped me with my grammar and sentence structure better than any book that I have read. I also have had help from my cousin, she has already been published. Her help with things has been some of the best instruction I have had. The story has taken me from a very dark place that I resided for the early part of the year. I am now seeing in the dark .I hope you enjoy putting up with me and my journey to bring the darkness back to the vampire.

Come into the neon light and stay until the end,


The music is from the soundtrack for Bioshock 2 the video game. It is called “Sounds from the Lighthouse”

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