My magic bugs

The blackness crept across the sky. Gathering the moon the stars and planets, there were no twinkling lights. Staring at it with regret, I had never seen such a sight. It was like the dreams and visions I had once had. I was not asleep; I could feel the cold night sky giving me a kiss. I saw thousands of little bugs lined up in a row.

I asked them “what are you doing?”

They told me “We are waiting for our master to use us.”

“What master, who are you talking about?”

“He who needs us every day, He used us yesterday two days before that. He has been using us for three years.” They replied

“How does he use you?” I said.

“He places us in a row, waits and watches. He collects us occasionally. Not as often as he used to.” They said.

“What use are little bugs? You cannot do much. You only sit there waiting for a response.” I told them.

“Ah, but we are magic bugs. We know what he is thinking. And when he is ready, he organizes us into these little rows.” They replied.

“What magic can a little bug do? I see nothing but little dots and lines.” I said.

“You are not looking with the proper eyes. You need your imagination to use us. And you are getting too old to use it now. Maybe one day you will have a son and he will teach you.” They told me.

I thought and thought about what they had said. Until one day my son came and they were right. The little bugs told me it would happen. Now I am sharing this story with you.

Thanks to my magic bugs for this post. A bit more fun than my normal post. The little bugs have brought me through a lot and tonight I will pay them back. More little bugs to put in a row. Crazy what comes to you when writing.


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