I am the wretched!

Feeling the night and day after last night’s post I am sure there are some scratching their heads. WTF, may be the thoughts running around in your heads. To appease the curiosity of some and lay waste to the fears of others, I did not fall off the deep end. Last night was one of those I am sure every writer has. The doubts creeping into your mind, can you really write, are you fooling yourself. Will anyone read what you have written? I had one of those nights when things did not go the way I planned. My thoughts were in other places and my doubts and the reptile appeared. Things like this happen, I hate to have it happen but it does. I am still writing, the Reptile cannot stop me from that. He wishes he could, I know this and so does my wife.

Last night I saw the face of my vampire, he stood with his brown hair  his cobalt eyes  still glazed over from his last feeding. I cherish the moments he comes off the page to talk to me and tell me I am the only one to write this. He does not do it often. I know it happens enough. Today is a new day and a new day brings a new chapter in the life of my book. I saw him in my room the way it was in Salem’s Lot, he stood outside my window until I let him in. He told me everything will be alright. The Reptile is no more. He said He will protect those that need protecting. The innocent, the downtrodden, the ignored of society. And as quickly as he knocked on the window he flew out in a gust of wind. I turned to the bed, my wife staring at me with wide eyes, “Who was that?” “No one, you are dreaming go back to sleep.” I told her. And like that he was gone to walk the neon graveyard.


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