Pushing on

With the sheer force of will and the strength that I have gathered in the last week, I have been able to tame some writing demons. I broke through another milestone in my writing. The book continues to amaze me. When I hit the flow or the zone it is better than any high imaginable. I now understand why Stephen King puts out so many books, to sustain the high from what John Gardner calls the “fictive dream.” Letting the dream take over the writing has something that has taken me a while, though not as long as some writers. I am unpublished and I know when the dream has begun, and when it has stopped. I have looked at the clock and saw hours go by without a memory of them passing. This one thing is what makes me want to do more, to write more to read more to learn more about the art and craft of writing.

I buy writing books everyone once in a while. I use these mainly as a study guide to improve my writing. I recently read a post on the author Steven Erikson’s site. He is a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. In one of his posts he mentioned how John Gardner’s book  “On Becoming a Novelist” helped him with his writing. I thought I would read it since  I have great respect and admiration for Steven Erikson. The book does not disappoint. I have learned a great many things from this book. I am nearly finished reading it and yet I already want to go back and read it again. This does not happen often. I suggest this book to anyone that wants to write, I am young in the time I have spent learning the craft. I am gaining momentum and feel the push from all sides. I have many people telling me that I can do it, friends, family, classmates(Gotham Writer’s Workshop) and still I know that things are going to change for the better.

The amount of people I have pushing me has increased in the last week, whether it is from my odd posts this week or something else I do not care now. I am writing what comes to me, pushing the envelope of what I believe. Gathering my legions of vampires aligning them with what I want from the story. Giving them the room to breath. Finally, I feel I have chased the reptile from my life, never wanting to feel the scaly hands upon my skin again.

The vampires call me to their side and beckon me to move forward. I accept their proposal and push on to the next milestone.

Until the dawn,


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