Hello darkness, its me again!

I remember when the vampires first came to me. I had just been to the beach in Oceanside, Ca. My wife, son and I were on vacation at the time. The beach has always been a tranquil place for me. From the first time, I heard the wave’s crash when I was seventeen, to the last time I heard them in Hermosa. The ocean, the sound of the waves, the way the breeze feels on your face. I do not even smell the ocean when I am near it. It is only the sound. I am not sure whether it is because I am a Pisces or something else, the water is the only place that I feel at home. We stayed at a time-share that my in-laws had let us use. I remember sitting on the patio, my wife and son had gone for walk to let me write.

The first thing I saw was a night club in Las Vegas, a man standing at a bar watching another man sitting in a booth with a woman with dark brown hair and olive colored skin. The man sitting in the booth knew the other man was watching, he felt him staring at the back of his head. This was the start of the book; this is the only thing I saw in my head at the time. The book is more than that, from blood dripping across tables, to adventures in Rome and across time, I see everything that these creatures have seen. The darkness is the place that I have always loved, since my teen years I have loved the dark, keeping blinds closed and other things. As much as it has annoyed my wife I love to keep the house as dark as possible, I seem to write better when there is less light, not good for my eyes, but I seem to write better.

Bringing darkness and the way vampires were before “Twilight” was important to me. I felt that they were crying to me. “Back to the darkness” that they had always dwelled; I am not sure why I felt this way. Things happen for a reason, I am not sure what the reason is, perhaps I will never know. My only hope is that (as some vampire fans have asked for) they once again go into the dark. That the first thought of someone who picks up a vampire book is not of glittering in the sunlight, but of a creature bent on feeding at any cost.

Until dusk,


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