Coming in to the dark..

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.

William James (1842-1910)

Waking up is more of trust thing than most people realize. You can wake up and decide that you want to do something to make your life better, or you can be one of the people gathered watching it happen on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News  or any number of online news sites. A time have come to choose what you want, do you want to lay by the side and let the bigger race take you down. Is it now time to take our place upon the thresholds of immortality. Will we let the vampires rule or take things for our own. Will our genetically superior cousins rule or are we going to take the fight to the humans, vampires and anything else that stands in our way. Choose to be a better ****** or be a lap dog for the masses. The choice is yours, take up the arms and fight and be the greatest of creatures or wallow in self-pity about what you could have done.


Something to ponder, this came out partly from rage and a bit of things going on around me. Yes, it may come into play, do you want to live like you have always lived or take the reins and live the way you want to live. Take control of your life, it is your life after all.

I came in to the dark not knowing where my life, writing or anything else would take me. I stand now a different person than I was a year ago, cast out people and things I thought were bringing me down, living for me and my family(which by the way consists of my wife and kids). I stopped drinking, more for clearness of head and body than for anything else. I have traveled the ancient world with my written creations, from Alexandria to Rome and Athens and back again. I used to think I was meant for something great (even though there was one who said that was wrong.) I have chosen this path not with great monetary thoughts, only with the advancement of my self and the betterment of man as a whole. I breath when my vampire breath, I bleed when they bleed, I know things they know. I understand my life better because of my writing, I understand life better because of it.

The darkness has always been my shelter, my place to hide and do things that were not meant for me. I want to do them because I do not want to live ordinary. I want to make a difference in any way I can, and if my writing is that way, than I shall write.

Until Dusk,


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