Catharsis..and being overwhelmed!

It is the writer who might catch the imagination of young people, and plant a seed that will flower and come to fruition.

Isaac Asimov

To capture what is thought when writing is what every writer in my opinion hopes for. To have someone ask what is meant in a certain part of a book. That is what gives meaning to my writing. It does not matter whether it is my wife(also my editor) or a friend who has seen an early draft of the WiP. That moment when someone asks is this what you were trying to convey (and the person asking understands what it was) or was it this.

The week has been a trying one. I have not had the time to write that I wanted, I am still trying to fight off this cold that does not want to leave. Problems with my car and other things that have taken away from my writing. After this week, and the toll it has taken on me and my writing. I know that next week I will get right back on track and the creatures and pictures in my head.


I see the Las Vegas skyline lined up in a row, staring at me with figures standing on the rooftops. Their black shadows casting no shadows upon the Las Vegas night. A small group is gathering in Sedona, what they plan and who they are is still coming about. A king sits on his throne watching everything happen, his subjects knowing only that he is the master of them all.


Until dusk,


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