Dreaming of monsters, vampires, gods and demons..what is my brain telling me?

This was heard in my head last night -”No add another monster, not that one a different one. No not a vampire.” Not sure, what was going on but I think I was fighting with myself over which direction to take the WiP. Funny since I am on the third draft and my subconscious is still arguing with itself over which direction to take the story.

I hate it when different things pop into my head when I am writing I am not sure where they come from, though I Freud says that it is my waking mind telling my body that a certain person is a vampire (or at least they should be in the story). Still wish I could figure out where the ideas to place certain things in certain places, or names, description of a house or a building. Especially if I have never been in the previously mentioned building. Believing in what you are writing is half the battle to publication, or so other writers tell me. If you do not believe in your writing, no one else will either.

My writing is taking me this week to somewhere that I did not expect it to go. Different things have happened in the story that I had not anticipated. However, it is helping with a part of the plot and storyline that I was trying to figure out. This change came out of nowhere, as these types of things seem to do. I am not sure, why it took this direction, however, I am glad it did, it helps me to make changes in the next draft. I discovered while writing during lunch the other day that I needed at least one more draft. Not sure why, it is more of a feeling than anything is.

Until dusk,


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