Come to Las Vegas…just watch out for the vampires!

When I began to write the book I knew it would be set in Las Vegas. It is the perfect place for a vampire to hide. All the noise in the casinos, the darkness in the gentleman’s clubs. What better place than Vegas. I also happen to live in Las Vegas so that helped a lot in fleshing out the story. And the parts of town where the book would be set. There are places that only locals know about. Little hidden things, a soccer field or a football field that floods and turns it into a retention basin. All of these things and more is what makes the locals love Las Vegas. The tourists come and go but the locals know where to go at night and where not to go ever. Everyone by now should know the story of Las Vegas and Bugsy Siegel. He turned Vegas into what it is today.

Why would a vampire make a life in Las Vegas? The nightlife. There are so many clubs at so many different hotels that even I cannot keep up, and I live and work here. If someone were to disappear, remember the mob used to run Las Vegas. There are probably more bodies hidden in the desert than in the Valley of Kings in Egypt. I also knew the book would be dark. More Bram Stoker than Stephenie Meyer. It would not be Las Vegas if there was not something dark underneath the exterior.

If a vampire were to live in Las Vegas what type of house would he have? Would it be extravagant or would it be small with very little security. I thought this through for a few months before getting started on writing. Adding all the small details, where would he hang out, what was his favorite hotel. All these things added up to the conclusion that is in the book I am writing. He would obviously have to have a house with a small bit of security. Can’t have the maid pull the lid off the coffin in the middle of the day and turn the MC to dust. That would be bad. That is all I have for today. Come to Las Vegas…just watch out for the vampires. You never know who they are. It could be the man sitting in the club minding his own business. Or the goth girl that keeps staring at your neck like it’s a meal. Like I said, come to Las Vegas…just watch out for the vampires.

Until dusk,


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