To the next step..something new is coming

I am close to completing the journey I started two years ago. I still have much farther to go. With 60 thousand words on the page and another 30 thousand or more left, I was thinking the other day about which of the stories in my head I will start after I finish this one. The way this one is going, I could go either way with it. Writing it as a series is something I could do. However, there are other stories in my head, one that has nothing to do with the supernatural. That story is the one I am thinking about the most. The details are still in my head, but I have 4-5 drafts of it done in various PoVs. This is one journey that I had more support for than I thought I would. I did not know how many friends I had, and how many family members believed in me.

The revisions and rewrites are still to come on the current project. I am looking forward to them. I know crazy but there are things that I am aware of and that need fixing. If not for my wife, I would not notice a lot of the different spelling errors, grammatical errors and small little details that make the story a cohesive structure. After I finish with the revisions, it is off to an agent. My hope is that vampire’s stories have not bogged down the market so much that my story will not get a look. At the end of the day, I can say I wrote a book once. Even if the first does not see publication, I have others in my head and on my hard drive. I am still on the journey, with a few more people by my side. I am looking forward to the next step in my evolution as a writer.


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