Does fate really decide?

Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.
Marcus Aurelius

I was thinking this the other day. Is there a mysterious force out there that decides what happens to us. Or is it the way the Merovingian says in the Matrix Reloaded “Causality” or cause and effect. Does one thing set everything else we do in motion. Or does some thing (fate) decide what happens. When I met my wife I was living with my father and step-mom. A while after I started dating her a thought occurred to me. If I had not been discharged from the Marine Corps my first week in boot camp, would I still be dating this woman. The same thought occurred after we had my son. I have even gone so far as to plot a time line of when I would have been released from my active duty service. From what I plotted, I still, if my father was living in the same place, would have possibly met my wife.

I met my wife at a job that we worked together (Blockbuster Video). Just before putting in my application, I was filling out another one at a security firm. While I was filling out the application at the security firm, I had a, the only way to describe it is a burst of butterflies in my stomach. Like someone was forcing me to leave the building. I am not sure whether that is why I left, or why I drove directly to the Blockbuster after wards and filled out the application. I do know that there are times in my life that I have had that butterfly sensation. I have felt these sensations all my life. I am not sure whether it is someone/something that is running my life, or putting it on a different course. I do know that when I have felt these sensations something big has happened in my life.

When I set out to write, I mean really write my book I had this sensation. I did not have it initially, it was after I began to read and took a writing class that things fell in to place. Only after beginning the current draft in January that I had the sensation. Does fate decide who we are to be in life. Is there really something out there playing the cards in our favor, or against us. I am not sure of the answer for that. Sometimes I believe that we are in control of our lives, and that through that control we are given certain chances to make things right in our lives. Other times it feels as though we are puppets on a string, dancing for whomever is commanding us at the time.

The times we live in are rough, though I feel everything is on our perception of things. Are things worse for a man living in Texas now or a hundred years ago would that man have been able to live to whatever age he is. Perception is one thing I do not feel a lot of us think about during our lives. We look at everything that is going on around us and neglect to think what is happening to someone a world away that has no drinking water or food. Is fate making that man’s life miserable or is there something he may have done to set his life on its current track.


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