Anything is possible

Now that I am approaching the end of the first part of this journey I believe I can do anything. I have nearly written a novel of ninety-five thousand words. To say that is something that I am proud of. Still have a way to go with the story yet. There are things that need to be added  to the story. I can taste the finish, I can feel the approach.

That I have lost family along the journey is the only thing I regret. There are those that would rather dwell in the past than journey with me into the future. Things change in life and so have I. I still believe I have one of the best support systems. My friends, family and those that I only know through the internet have been the best. The feeling of exuberance that I am feeling with the draft nearly done is amazing.

There is still a long way to go. I still have to do the rewrites/revisions, find an agent, and then a publisher. I truly believe that after the last six-seven months anything is possible. If I can deal with the family stuff that I have dealt with over the last year and still finish this with my head held high, I can carry out anything.

I say this to all those that don’t think you can do what your heart wants you to do. Ignore the people who tell you it isn’t possible, regardless of who they are. If they are your parents, don’t listen to them. If I had listened to one of my parents I would not be this close to my goal. If I had listened to some other people I would not have come so far. Never listen to your detractors. Always listen to those that truly know you, not those that have barely talked to you since high school or the last ten years. If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will either.


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2 Responses to Anything is possible

  1. paula stewart says:

    You already know how proud of you I am.. That you have come this far with everything that has gone on in your life, shows the passion you have.. And I know that you will go much further in your life.. The naysayers will be eating the very words that have spewed from them….

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