The darkness that swirls at my feet

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present. – Francis Bacon

Feeling the strain of life, the pull of my writing and the journey I have taken. I am feeling a chaos swirling at my feet, a dark rift that is trying to pull me down. This chasm has come before, clawing like a reptile, breathing its dragon fire. It tries to get at the very essence of who I am and why I write. The last few days, this darkness was swirling at my feet, taking me off course of where I need to be.

The swirling darkness is something I felt had been dealt with. The angel in my life tells me writings of the past few days do not depict who I am. She is right. However, sometimes things get underneath one’s skin and must be dealt with. This darkness is like a black pool that gathers from within. I do not know where it comes from, I only know it is there. I feel it when I get angry and when my writing has gone extreme. The dark one who  comes along with me on my daily life. It is for him that I write, to stave off his needs, his wants and to put mine and my families ahead of him. He is back in the shadow realms of my mind. I do not know when he will come back, only that he is always there, he is the darkness that swirls at my feet.


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