Learning about Rome while doing research

While doing research for my book I began to fall in love with a city that before I had no interest in. I speak of Rome. I will not go into detail about what is in the book only that Rome plays a part in the story.  Previously I only had thoughts of going to Germany, it is a place that I have wanted to go since I was little. I am unsure why. Italy and Rome never seemed very interesting to me. I know friends and family members that have gone there. Listened to their stories, saw their pictures and still there was no interest..

It was not until I began doing research for my book. Studying ancient Rome and the history of the city. This is the city that was the capital of the Roman empire. I did not know that ancient Romans raised their children in a communal way. They were born, and depending on their lineage, they may have been raised by someone else or in the community. I did not know that a society as recent as the Roman empire regarded its children in such a way. I am still learning as I continue through my research, writing as I research ancient Rome.


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