It runs down my face in arterial red

Feeling the rush, wading through the endless pools of red liquid. Feeling the strain and pull as it overtakes me. Gathering my soul, my lungs, my heart while I dance along the strings. A feeling of loss, of the drain and suffering of life. Another wave overtakes me. The swirling vortex consumes me, punishes me. It relishes every wave of tidal fury against the grains of my soul. The punishment of every day, every second, without the feeling of the rapture overtaking me. The violent spasms crawling across my fingertips.
I feel it now, running down my lips, the river knows no end to how it entices me, how it teases me. With every burst of energy I try to deny myself the taste, the flavor. I felt it last night, pulling and prodding me to go out. Telling me that it, the one thing, would make the world better. The drink, the flavor of it runs down my face in arterial red

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2 Responses to It runs down my face in arterial red

  1. adsimons says:

    Oh, oh and oh! Very well done. It’s such a nice change to read about REAL Vampires.

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