What about Vampires fascinates me?

I am somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to vampires. I have always enjoyed the vampire the way Anne Rice made them, or the way Bram Stoker created them. The dark creature with different motives is the way Stoker created them, the tortured soul of Louis in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. Every writer has taken them and done them different. As Anne Rice said at the beginning of the first edition of the Interview DVD, it is not really about vampires it is about us. The human condition and dealing with things through a different medium. One that allows the reader and writer to do new things, as Stephenie Meyer has done with the “Twilight” series.

For some it is hard to understand the allure of these creatures, the thing that draws a person to such an evil or chaotic creature. For me it is the beauty of the creature itself. The way Anne Rice described Lestat, his thick curly blond hair, his gray eyes. The way she wrote her vampires, the things they did. From Lestat in the Theater ‘ De Vampire or Marius in the tree with the old gods, She made things believable, she made them come alive. This is what I strive for, to make them feel real, to create them and watch them grow. Watching them become something more than the creature on the page.

Myth’s last for only one reason, humans let it last. It is the same with the werewolf, UFO’s or Pixies/fairies. We believe in these things because we need to believe in something more than us. That is the reason for religion; humans want to believe that there is something more than their selves and their lives. Believing in vampires, witches, gods, demons and seeing them portrayed in movies, books or television is something we need.

Watching Charleton Heston in “The Ten Commandments”, seeing him come down from the mountain and witnessing the debauchery before him. Seeing that on television or reading it in the bible. That we are alone in this world as humans, that there is nothing else for us to do with ourselves is enough to make some people crazy. On the other side, not believing in God or vampires or any number of supernatural creatures may limit our thinking about what we are as humans. We are the kings of the mountain on this planet. Are we going to come down from the mountain the way Moses did and say these things must stop. Seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. The myth will go on long after I am dead. Another writer will pick it up and do things I never imagined. This is the way myth’s work. Changing them for the times when we need something bigger than ourselves.


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