Would the Real vampires please stand up?

To say that I like vampires is like saying my six year old likes Mac & Cheese. There are very few vampire movies, books or T.V. shows that have come out recently that are very good. At least that is the way I feel. I am a vampire traditionalist. Okay, maybe that is going too far, but I truly am. I believe that a vampire should drink from its victim. By victim I mean human, not some deer running around the woods. I watched Twilight and I still don’t get it. Tried to read the book, read the first chapter and stopped. Not because I thought it wasn’t good, but because I was laughing to hard.

I am the type of vampire lover that will pick things apart in a vampire movie. I did this with “Daybreakers”, I really liked the movie until Ethan Hawke’s characters turned human again. The beginning of the movie was great, the atmosphere was incredible and about midway through the movie it stopped. The movie felt rushed, as if they could not figure out something better (:SPOILER ALERT:) than zapping his character with sunlight and dowsing him with water.

My wife read “Twilight” she told me not to read anymore after I stopped. “They don’t burn in the sun, they sparkle.” Is what she told me. Okay, I have written a couple short stories where only direct sunlight will kill a vampire, if it is a cloudy day, like in Oregon, or London. I can understand them living there if that is the case. I have taken a witch in a story of mine and clouded a whole field so that a vampire army could march on a human town. So I understand the living in a cloudy area thing, but sparkling.

The only truly remarkable vampire I have seen in the last ten years is “Let the Right one In” . I found the movie amazing. Me and my wife sat and watched, what I believe is one of the best vampire movies every made. When it comes to books, there are the Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake series. These are very good, they join other creatures as well as vampires into the storyline, which makes things more interesting. Charlaine Harris does the same thing with her Sookie Stackhouse books. I have to admit I am a True Blood fan. I really enjoy the campiness ( don’t think that is a real word but oh well) of the show. I love that it is vampires acting like Real vampires.

I have also read The Strain series, I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. I found it very fast paced, with some parts that dragged in the middle. Otherwise a good addition to the vampire myth. When it comes to vampires, I have been in love with Anne Rice’s take on vampires since I first read them in high school. I found them to just pull me in and keep me in the world she created. Most of my family will attest to the fact that I would wait for her book to come out, it was the one thing I would look forward to every year. If I have a major influence in my writing it would be Anne Rice.

Every time a new vampire movie, book or T.V. show comes out, my group of friends ask me if I will see it. If it is like “Twilight”, then I will not. I love the traditional vampire, not the one that is so popular right not. I am waiting, writing and hoping that the Real vampires come back soon to save the world from Sparkly vampires, the ones with the perfect hair and look at me attitude.

There are those that believe there are vampires in the world, and believe they are vampires. For this there is a vampire underground and vampire freaks. There are many site devoted to this underground. You can have custom-made fangs, one of my favorite is Dnash. The teeth that Dnash does are amazing, I know because I have a set. There are many things about the vampire myth, and that it has lasted this long is a testament to how much humans believe in it. Almost every story I have written has vampires in it in one form or another. I am not sure why I love these creatures so much. It is something I have never given much thought to. I love them because I do for no other reason than I find them fascinating and always have.


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