Gathering for the battle ahead.

Finishing a book is just like you took a child out in the back yard and shot it.
Truman Capote

Nearly two years ago I began writing the novel  I finished it last week. I have had more lows in that two-year span than highs. In the last two years I my wife and I were hit with many things first was my chronic migraines. With my migraines I was limited to two or three days of work at times. Other times I would be fine. I went through thorough testing, MRI’s, x-rays, blood work, vision testing and so many tests I cannot remember them all. Along with the missing of work came other problems. We lost our house, mainly because we did not have the money since I missed so much work.

Last year was a bright spot followed by a not so bright one. Our daughter was born a month and half early. She would spend the first month of her life in the hospital. That she is alive today is a miracle (and I don’t really believe in those). I would spend nearly every day after work with her when I was allowed (visiting hours). I will never understand why there are visiting hours for you own child. Our daughter is doing amazing, she is nearly eleven months old and crawls very fast. She is small, but my wife is five foot in shoes.

I had a falling out with my father because of things he did that I told the world about through my blog. Maybe it was not the best place to say the things I said. He is not the kind of person that would have listened to me had I called him and told him my feelings (the letter I received from him stated that plainly). It is really too bad that he gave up on me before I finished the book. Now he is stuck watching from the sidelines. I am certain that things will never be rectified with him. Again his letter made that plain to me.

The last thing that happened was more recent and it took a toll on my wife. I am certain that things are going to get better with the situation.

My next fight is getting the book accepted by an agent. I am preparing for things that I will not like being said about the book. I am ready for the rejection letters ( at least that is what I keep telling myself). I am sending out a couple of copies to be read by people I trust this week. I hope they enjoy what I wrote. More importantly I want them to tell me what is wrong with it and what needs changing.


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