Why do people try and hate on me for chasing my dream?

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.  ~Buddhist Saying

Yesterday I had a person that likes to put people who are trying to better themselves try and put me down. I posted about it on Twitter and Facebook. The responses I received from my friends, well it was awesome. I thoroughly enjoy writing better than anything other than my two kids. One person has to go and ruin your day because they feel their lives are terrible so they have to make yours that way as well. I am tired of people putting me down about my writing. I chose to do something with my life other than existing. I chose to write a book. Maybe it will be published  and maybe it will not. Right now I am enjoy the fact that I have done something a lot of people who call themselves writers only talk about. I finished my book

I usually don’t rant on my blog. This is the one exception, I feel I was forced to say something about this. If this person had one ounce of the will I have they would have made better choices in their life. They chose not to. They chose to belittle a person who is trying to better himself through an art form that they enjoy. Yes, I do consider writing and art form. Anyone that has read Dostoevsky will agree with me. The way any author mixes their words into a composition, the way Chopin would. Creating words and making them into legible sentences is what I do. Getting the little bugs to dance for me and move in an orchestra of words forming sentences, paragraphs, chapters and finally a novel is why I write. I do this for myself and for society.

As I said in an earlier post – “I wrote my first novel this year, what have you done lately.” This one saying is now my comeback for anyone’s comments about not being published. I have had writers critique my work, and even though I am not published I know that I will be someday. Maybe not with my first novel. Someday soon I will be a published author. That is my dream and that is why I write.

I have this repetitive dream where  I walk into a room and it gets very quiet. People are staring at me, there is a muffled voice or two. I see people in the room approach me. “I never believed you would ever be published.” Those words, those single little words. That is why I want to published. For no other reason than to shut those people who doubted me up. I love writing. It is truly the only time I feel I am myself.


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