In the months to come…

The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him. – Abraham Van Helsing

The book I finished is in the hands of my beta-readers who I trust and whom I know will tell me what is wrong with it. After finishing the book and taking a much-needed break, I have begun to write again. The new story is something only a couple of people know about. I began writing it in January when I was trying to decide what to write as well as shrug off the evil words someone sent to me. That I have come so far since then is something I take pride in.

The new story is something different; I have more notes, plot lines and character summary’s than I did for the book I finished. Not sure, which one I like more now. I guess it is that way with every story and every writer. After finishing the last book and realizing that I finished it, I had a euphoria that I cannot explain. When I began writing the new story, I felt it again. I figured out what it is, I read about it only never knew what it was. The writer’s high, the feeling of getting involved with your characters and going into their world, giving yourself to the story.

I realized only recently, just before I finished the book what that was like. I never gave myself to a story before. Never put myself into a story I was writing that much. Near the end of the last book, I felt it; I am not going to say why. Only that I felt it.

Writing the new book is a way to keep my mind off their critiques. I know one of them is very busy with her writing and books and I am not expecting her critique for a while. In the months to come I will hopefully come close to completing another book. Something that seemed impossible only a year ago. I now know that nothing is impossible and I will let nothing or nobody stand in my way again.


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