A writer’s changing landscape

When faced with adversity you should push through until the end, until every fiber of your body knows you will complete the task before you. For some reason those words have been on my mind lately. I am not sure the reason or how they came to be there, only that they are. With every passing year the landscape for a writer changes. During the 00 Y/A became huge. With Stephenie Meyer and her werewolves, vampires and the marketing genius behind it. Twilight became a success and she is now one of the highest paid writers.

What will be the new Twilight? Will it come from Y/A? Or somewhere else, this is what publishers, agents and those who work behind the scenes are looking for. The landscape changes from one year to the next. Will the next big thing come from Fantasy or Horror. With the worldwide economy in shambles are people willing to toss away their cares and grab something that may scare them or take them away to some far off place that they will never go. James Cameron seized on this with Avatar. The escapism of bad economies is well-known. People talk about it and debate it on every news station from Fox to MSNBC or CNN.

People need something to get away from everything that they hate about their lives at the moment. I feel my landscape changing. I can feel my mind shifting from one story to another. I have notes for many stories, they are in notebooks, on my PC or laptop or somewhere hiding in my brain. The landscape is changing, can you keep up?


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