For my wife, happy 11 year anniversary

Eleven years ago I married my wife, the story is much more than that though. I was living with my father and step-mom at the time I met her. We were both working for a video store. I found out we were going to the same college and ran into her at school. I had a crush on her for a while. I always lacked the skill to get the pretty girls, my wife was no different. I told my sisters about this beautiful girl I worked with, they thought I was funny. I was 22 with a crush on a girl. My sisters were that way with me. I am their only biological brother, and I am younger than the two I am referring to. I never talked to my dad about it because he never understood me, still doesn’t.

I continued to work with her and one night a few of us from work were going to watch The Prophecy 2 with Chris Walken. We were all favorites of the first one and somehow it worked out so only me and my future wife were the only ones who showed up. We began dating after that. I flunked out of college while she graduated with a degree in Psychology with and Art minor. After a falling out with my father and step-mom I moved to Las Vegas with my older sister. I really had no options and my sister being the best big sister she was let me live with her family. My then girlfriend stayed in touch with me, coming to Las Vegas twice before moving down almost a month after I did. I had trouble finding work, she payed for me to go to bartender’s school in Las Vegas. I was hired on the strip and we married a year and a half later.

Since our marriage in 1999 we have lost one child through miscarriage. Lost our house because of the Las Vegas economy and because of my Migraines. After 11 years we have two beautiful kids. Our son was born in 2004. Our daughter a year ago. Our daughter was born six weeks premature and had to stay in the hospital for the first month of her life. If I had to do it all over again I would have acted sooner and maybe we would be celebrating our twelfth anniversary. I still am very much in love with the Angel I met in Utah and it is a blessing to have her in my life.

In the last two years, through all the problems with my dad and through the struggles with my writing. She has been the best I could ever ask for. Never complained and was always there to encourage me.

Happy Anniversary Anita!


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